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While running your business, you might occasionally encounter situations where customers must operate machinery. It might be as simple as allowing customers to brew their own coffee in your restaurant or cut their own keys in your hardware store. Everywhere, self-service shopping is becoming more common, particularly in this age of social distancing. READ MORE >>

Those who rely on you for financial (and personal) support are your dependents. These might be your children, a disabled family member or another person who would not be able to make their own way in the world without your support. But what if something were to happen to you? What if you died in a car accident? READ MORE >>

When you choose to buy life insurance, you are taking a big step to ensure your loved ones’ financial security after your death. While it is usually an easy decision to get coverage, determining how much coverage you need might be trickier. READ MORE >>

Everyone knows that their home is not immune to water damage, and you must do all you can to protect your property against any eventuality. While your homeowners insurance might cover damage from burst pipes, damage from weather-related floods will not have coverage at all. READ MORE >>

As the U.S. continues to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic, American workers are beginning to return to their offices after working from home for the better part of a year. Still, even if you continue to work from home part-time, you might worry about many of the routine health effects that might arise from going back to the office. READ MORE >>

Everyone is encouraged to buy life insurance while they are young. The reason for this is because that age or illness in later life might make it harder to obtain insurance later. By having life insurance now, you’ll instead be ready for anything that the future might hold. READ MORE >>

Company leaders—CEOs, presidents, board members and other movers—are the public personas of any business. They often have a lot of leeway to determine the company's direction, and these important decisions could have massive consequences for employees, shareholders and the industry in general. READ MORE >>

Though durable, your home is not immune to damage, sometimes from the smallest invaders. Bugs, termites, other vermin and mold could look harmless, but if ignored they could do a lot of property damage in a short time. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance might not cover these damages. READ MORE >>

If you have a car wreck, then you might have to file a car insurance claim. Still, one of the side effects of doing so is that your rates might rise as a result of the claim. However, higher rates are not guaranteed after a claim, which is why it helps to be honest with your agent when you start this process. READ MORE >>

Everyone knows that spring is a time of beautiful weather, but it can turn dangerous in an instant. Warm fronts can cause an uptick in severe weather, and when they strike, they can do considerable damage, particularly to your car. Your car is meant to be used outdoors, but that does not make it immune to weather damage. READ MORE >>

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